NMT Community Software Installer

NMT Community Software Installer 2.1

It is a generic installer for 3rd party NMT applications
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The NMT Community Software Installer is a generic installer for 3rd party NMT applications. These 3rd party applications will allow you extend the functionality of your NMT. Before this installer was created installing software was somewhat hard for the average Joe. After starting the installer you're just a few mouse-clicks away from installing new applications!
All available applications, themes, custom-menu's, webservices etc are stored on a repository (web) server. After selecting the desired item the required files are downloaded and installed on your NMT. Any remaining temporary installation files will be cleaned up after the installation has finished.
The Community Software Installer (CSI) will enable you to view installed applications, uninstall, stop, start and even offers a configuration option to configure if the application should be started during NMT startup.
The CSI will also monitor if new application versions have been released and offer you the option to upgrade them.

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